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eMTB rent - Umag

 Company BEROE, based in Umag, cares  about your physical and mental health allowing you to rent electric bikes for pleasant and regenerating excursions in Northwestern Istria, amidst the unspoiled nature.

Every season has its characteristics, and with the eMTB you can easily ride on dirt roads or demanding slopes that, without the pedal assistance, you would not dare facing. 

Forgetting the car for a few days will help you to totally relax. The ebike will support you in difficult routes, enhancing your physical performance.

The surprises coming from the discovery the Northwestern  Istra will bring you great satisfaction: swimming in the Adriatic sea in Umag before taking your ebike for a  climb in the surrounding hills while enjoying the delicacies of the “konobe” located on the countryside is a truly unique experience.

Pedaling on dirt roads with such climbing gradients is greatly challenging, so the assistance of the electric motor becomes even more decisive.

 It's novel sporting way to live your holiday!

eMTB Fantic E-bike XF1

eMTB Fantic E-bike XF1

eMTB Fantic Junior

eMTB Fantic Junior

eMTB Fantic E-bike XF3

eMTB Fantic E-bike XF3

Bike & Gourmet offer

Only for two weekends of March and one in April!

Super Bike and Gourmet offer

From 22 - 24, 29 - 31 of March and from 5 - 7 of April

Bike & Gourmet offer  Only for two weekends of March

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